BBQ LIVE w/ Star Boy

For those who didnt know; which im sure is like 1% of the Nairobi population, Star Boy aka Wizkid graced our grounds on the 22nd of July, courtesy of BBQ live.

Just to give abit of insight, BBQ Live is a night-time event that brings together the youth through music and live performances. In their past events, they have brought Tiwa Savage, Timaya etc and this time round, it was no other than Africas Finest.

This was actually Wizkid’s third time to perform in Kenya; 1st it was some concert at Carnivore Grounds about four years ago, then at Mombasa Rocks in 2016; but he wasnt as popular then and of course an african worldwide sensation yet so you can imagine the turnout and hype for this event. One word: CRAZY!

And just for the record, this was my first BBQ Live concert so im speaking for a place of total unbias as i had past BBQ Live experiences to compare too. Hahaha.


Wizkid arrived at about 10:30pm at the JKIA international arrivals section on Friday 21st July. I, ofcourse was there (with a number of media houses and photographers) to welcome him into the country.

Video_1 – Showing Wizkid arriving at JKIA (CLICK HERE)


On the saturday morning, the day for the event, a press conference was held at the Kenya Invention and Conventional Centre (KICC) at about midday, in preparation for the event. It was graced by different media houses such as Nation Media Group and Homeboyz, and other marketing and fashion platforms such as KAMI Consultancy, Ojwa Styling etc.


Video – Showing Diane Nthurima posing a question to Wizkid (CLICK HERE)

Press Conference OOTD

Ojwa Representative Ms Beata Otieno (Press Conference OOTD)

THE EVENT (Set up before it started)

The event was split into three differenct sections; namely the Arena (regular), VIP and VVIP, which each section having cost people 2500, 10,000 and 25,000 respectively.

The Stage
The Arena
VIP Lounge
VVIP Lounge

Additonally, within the Arena section, some of the event sponsors and partners had their own tents such as Ciroc, Nation Media Group, Redbull, Uber and Charge Bar (this was the cleverest thing at the event – a place to charge your phone for you for all those who didnt have powerbanks. How smart?).  The Arena was also home to all the food and drink vendors.


Fashion at concerts comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, forms, looks etc. While some are in casual, others are sexy and others are classy. Below are some of the looks from the event.



 The choice of bringing Wizkid was rather clever considering his vast musical ability and the international level at which he has currently reached.

Wizkid definitely is a performer and a half. This having been my third Wizkid Concert; i was surely not disappointed. Funny thing, it was raining practically cats and dogs (okay thats an exaggeration but it was very very wet) but the crowd just didnt care. I actually had my natural hair out but weirdly enough that was no concern to me; a that point I didnt care how wet i would get. Lets just say, I and everyone was there for a sole purpose – to see the Star Boy do his thing which he did very well and nothing was gonna stop us, not even rain.

Having performed for over an hour, we can say that no-one could disapprove on Wizkid’s lit performance. The sike and energy from the crowd was insane. Infact the crowd was literally singing along to all of Wizkid songs. And we all know he has alot of songs. But that just goes to show the love we have for Wizkid and all his club bangers.

Now, BBQ Live did not only bring an international African star but the choice of other kenyan artists who performed before Wizkid was well thought out. There was the likes of Nameless, Redsan, Fena, Hart The Band and the list continues who all came out and performanced with their hearts and soul. All performances were to the tee, however if i had to pick my favourite Kenyan artisit for the night, I’d say Nameless. I believe it must be goes he took us back to my childhood years with songs like sinzia, ; songs I had truly missed listening too and also coz i havnt seen him peform ever (if i remember well or in a very long time).

After Wizkid brought the house down like that, I am really wondering who BBQ Live is planning to bring next.

Anyway thanks for reading guys. Let me know your views on the concert and performances.


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ITS TIME FOR CHANGE | New Website Appearance

Ola Muchachos,

So just the same way, people have closet revamps whether its annually, monthly or weekly (there are actually people like this lol), I felt it was time that my blog went through a change of appearance.

And to launch this new look, I thought I’d use some archived pictures from December 2015 when I was in coast with some of my friends.

My bestfriend Beata 🙂

There was no ocassion suprisingly e.g. first year anniversary but funny enough a week ago in the wee hours of the morning (precisely 1am) while I was editing pictures; I simply just felt that change was needed. Well mainly due to that fact that I was tired of seeing the same old thing on my blog.

So I’m sure I know what must be running through some of your minds now…haha Did she actually change the apperance on her own or did she call up her IT guy to do it for her? Well guys, my quick-to-learn, inquisitive nature plus I somewhat believe I was meant to be a web designer in another life (haha) resulted in my own ability to alter the look of Njoonami and voila, here we are.

One of my good friends Mbuki (center)
Another good friend, Marcus.

LOCATION: Mombasa, Sun and Sands. 

Hope you like this new look, because I know I definately do.

Leave your thoughts below; your feedback is highly appreciated.

Peace, Love and Njoonami. 🙂 🙂


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