The Wave w/ Tekno Miles

Sponsored by Hennessey, Hype and Roya brought to us The Wave this past weekend; a concert that brought together a number of big household Kenyan names as well as an international african act.


Starting at about 1pm and ending in about 30 minutes (it was rather short); the media/ press conference which took place at the Sarova Stanley was merely an opportunity to meet and interact with Tekno Miles (the international act of the night).

Thats me on the left; next to Tekno :):)


If you missed out on this concert, then you missed out a great opportunity to see one of the most lit performances from Kenyan artists ever.

Amina Abdi helped us start the night on a good note by gracing the stage with her fantastic MC skills.

MC – Amina Abdi

I don’t believe there was anyone better who could have kicked off the night with their performance other than Fena. She managed to create the right energy amongst the crowd as she gave us a taste of Party Nation and Kama Kawaida.


Redsan with his sexy self (mayne his body though *insert wink face*) then came out ready to show us his moves and get us moving to his upbeat songs. Another good performance, I must say…


The Big Surprise

One of the biggest surprises we received was the announcement that Camp Mulla would be performing and with this also came the news that they would be getting back together to produce new music. If this wasn’t one of the biggest and best news y’all have heard recently in the Kenyan music industry,then I don’t know what your definition of good news is. Hehe.

Camp Mulla Crew (Taio, Karun, Marcus and Shappaman)

I think this was one of the best parts of the night with Camp Mulla reminding us why they were one of the best young groups in the game. I could feel the nostalgia when they performed their biggest hit “Party don’t stop” and kept the crowd engaged with other hits like “Fresh all day”.

I surely can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next; performance wise and of course with regard to new music.

Miss Karun of Camp Mulla
Shappaman of Camp Mulla
Taio Tripper of Camp Mulla

Talk about a LIT-uation…

I don’t think I have ever seen Kansoul perform or in other words, I can’t remember which event Kansoul last performed at; but I don’t think that matters after this performance. Their performance was one of the most out there performances I have seen done by any Kenyan artist.

For those who don’t know Kansoul; well google. Haha. Anyway, it is a group of three Kenyan artists that consists of Matrix, Mejja and Kidkay. Now if you also don’t know who these guys are, go back to google. 🙂

So Kansoul did the extreme and brought XS millionaires dancers as part of their performance. It all started with one of the hottest strippers from XS came on stage and started dancing promiscuously. I legit didn’t know what to expect until I saw Kansoul came out singing one of their jams and then a bunch of other dancers wearing practically nothing followed. I swear I can still remember the shock on peoples faces when the strippers came out and started shaking everything their mama gave them right infront of their eyes.

This was truly a performance I really doubt any of the audience will EVER forget. Kudos to Kansoul for pulling it through and doing the unexpected.

Madtrax from Kansoul; with the XS Millionaires dancers
Mejja from Kansoul
KidKay from Kansoul


The last performer of the night was Tekno; the international act of the night from Nigeria who is behind hits like “Wash”, “Rara”, “Go”, the song dedicated to me “Diana” (haha) and of course his biggest hit “Duro’.

I believe he is the reason why everyone attended and from what I saw with regard to numbers, A LOT of people showed up to see Tekno live in action; I guess mainly because he is a fast rising African star and this was of course his first time in Kenya.

Tekno Miles

If i could, however describe his performance, I’d say the Kenyan artists did give Tekno some major competition (or like we like to call “compe”. Im not gonna lie but I did expect a better performance from him seeing that he is Nigerian and Nigerian usually tend to kill their performances.

Stereotype aside though, (hehe), his performance was still good with a number of Nigerian moves (nigga can dance though so hi_5 to that) and his songs are hella catchy and easy to sing along too (so another hi-5 to that).


Hennessy never disappoint when it comes to decor and arrangement. The VIP section done up by them was just a resemblance of their alcohol; high class, unique and sophisticated.

The Lounge


Usually, if not at all times; people in the VIP not only come for concerts to watch the performances but also to show off their style and fashion sense.

Below are some of the looks, I managed to spot. Thigh high boots seemed to be the style feature of the night with several people embracing the type of shoe into their look.

Award-winning Blogger and Marketing/PR Expert – Lucia Musau

I love her hair color.


Here are some of the celebrities I came across while in the VIP section of the event…

Dr. Ofweneke with friends…
Comedian Eric Omondi
Mac Otani & DJ T-Boy
Sauti Sol’s Manager, Marek

Pictures courtesy of Henessey and Alan Photography  🙂

Cant wait to see what Hype and Roya have in store for us next.

For more event reviews, keep checking out the event episodes section of Njoonami. 🙂

Thanks for reading. I do hope you enjoyed.


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