The Techno Experience: UK Style

Ola Muchachos,

Talk about guest list things and techno vibes hehehe

So on the 2nd of February, I was invited to attend my first techno/rave event in the U.K. with one of my techno fanatics of a close friend; Lina; dubbed Techbox.  Not quite sure if I can say I’ve been to a proper fully techno event  back in Kenya, so we can count this as my official first (particularly in the U.K). But that depends on whether the 6AM events like beach life and sunglasses at night techno events? (My Kenyan readers can relate)

Anyway Techbox; which is the event I attended; can be described as a clubbing experience that infuses Tech House and Techno. It was situated at Bomo Bunker, right here in Bournemouth; where I live.

For those that don’t know, Bomo Bunker is a basement joint that is the ideal spot for rave events; and of course home to the illest and fittest rave in Bournemouth; TechBox. If it hasn’t hit you, even the name Techbox is significant of the venue at which the event it is held, as Bunker is an underground basement box looking spot. Lol.


My techno partner for the night and the motivation behind attending the event; Lina. 🙂

Well as Lina has been convincing me to attend raves or techno events with her and I have always refused, she will be very proud to know that I actually enjoyed my time at Techbox.

Reminiscing on the night couple of days ago, I remember dancing to the techno beats for about 4 to 5 hours non-stop. (Good job for someone who has a love primarily for hip hop, trap, drum and base etc…basically anything upbeat and with words haha). Really don’t know where I got my energy from but it surely must been from those DJ decks that also were playing non-stop.

The one thing I really liked was the change of DJ’s every so often; i believe it was like every hour. The change helped us get a feel of the taste and skills of the different tech music experts. You know those events that keep the same DJ for over two hours and it gets so monotonous; well Techbox’s supply of DJs were sufficient enough to get you jamming to different decks.

Another thing I liked was the presence of the two dance floors. So depending on what exact type of techno feeling one had, each floor was there to cater to those feelings. I found myself on both floors as i wanted to get a full taste of the whole event; and from what I saw, both dance-floors were worth it.

Ground floor dancing area
 For those wondering; the venue does look like a house- thats just the structure of bunker; so no it wasn’t a house party. Haha.
Basement dancefloor area

So lets summarize my experience in one word: REPEATABLE.

I actually see myself attending more techno events. Maybe this was my techno music breakthrough. 😀 We shall see.

Im sure you are all so pressed to see how the night fully went down with visual imagery, well here you go… 🙂

THE TECHNO (or in this case – Techbox) FANS

Everyone in the crowd was there for one reason; to have a good time and thats exactly what they had. There was no holding back when it came to their energy levels and enthusiasm. And mind you the event was packed; so just imagine a place FULL of people having a good time; its contagious. 🙂

 P.S All these pictures were taken by my girl Lina and I. I legit think we should start a photography company especially considering everyone at the event kept asking us to take their picture. Not sure if they thought we were the official photographers.
Love was clearly in the air too. 🙂
Valentines is def around the corner. 🙂

And just like that, the summary of a great night is done.

If you are ever in Bournemouth…….

……in fact stratch that, check out Techbox Events on social media and find out where they will be playing at next, and do yourself a favour and GO. Its definately something not worth missing out especially for those techno and tech house lovers.

Or let me just make things easier for you:

20th April, Bournemouth. Yes tickets are already out. Get them on fatsoma.

Check out this space for nothing but event reviews. 🙂

But for now,


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