It’s Too “Brighton”

Ola Muchachos,

Two saturdays ago (the 10th of March to be specific), I along with my two good friends; Cindy and Simona, took a two and a half hour road trip to Brighton – a city located on the southside of England. Basically a seaside resort just like Bournemouth (where I live). Only difference is the fact that Brighton has a stony beach (known as a shingle beach) instead of what I’m used to (a sandy one). Lol

Side Note: Its really funny how everyone told me that Bournemouth would have the exact same type of beach (apparently thats the in thing in the UK {lol}), while I’m just here to say it again, YALL WERE WRONG. 

Just to put it out there, yes the whole beach area is covered in stones. I don’t understand why but thats just the case. The stones are pretty to look at but just imagine walking on them; really don’t think anyone walks around without shoes on Brighton beach.

Despite the shingle beach though, Brighton is a pretty sight. Its one big city with a bunch of historical attractions. Infact its such a sight that its visited by lots of tourists and UK locals regularly; also considering its close to London too so ease of access from the biggest city in the UK.

Although, unfortunately we didn’t manage to see all the tourist attractions because time was rather limited, however we made sure we saw the top sights which I’ve highlighted below:

Royal Pavillion

Also known as the Brighton Pavillion, this was the former royal residence. Imagine that. All the royal people used to live here some time back. Well basically, Prince George, Prince Regent and King George VI used it as their “party pad, palace and seaside resort”.





Brighton Museum and Art Gallery

This is actually part of the Pavillion, however its only free for local residents. Its about Ksh 800 for non-residents. I really didn’t feel like getting in (not cause of the cash haha); but it seemed like there was a lot to see inside. Anyone who’s been there or does visit the musuem, do let me know how it is… 🙂

Brighton Palace Pier 

I swear the Brighton Pier makes the Bournemouth pier look like a hut (haha). Lets just say its rather long (about 1750 feet long woah), and I gotta say they really do take advantage of the space on the pier as there is so much to do and see. And the good thing, theres no cost to go onto the pier so you can literally choose from what to do as you see it. So even for those who want to sight see, go ahead. 🙂

Since I don’t want to spoil for y’all, I’d just say its worth the visit. However I will say that there is rollercoasters. Okay I’m done spilling.

My girls and I. Behind us is actually the very long pier. 🙂

Brighton Beach

As much as this is self explanatory unless some of y’all would like to explain which i could but I won’t because we all know what a beach is (i hope hehehe); I think you would like to know that Brighton was voted the top 10 city beach break destinations in the world.

Yes, even with its lack of sand. Anything is possible ey? Anyway, jokes aside, the beach is beautiful and huge for that matter. In fact let me educate a little more,  Brighton has an 8.7km expanse of shingle beach.

The Lanes

This is simply a “collection of narrow lanes” or “twisted alleyways”, however you wanna call it, that is famous in Brighton for their small antique shops and restaurants. It is basically Brighton shopping paradise.

For those wondering why or how the lanes are a historic attraction; well this area that makes up the lanes was part of the original settlement of Brighthelmstone, built in the 18th century.

The lanes are really narrow.

We spotted this in one of the shops that were selling chocolate. This sculpture is actually edible. Yum.

Anything Else?

As we were walking around, we also spotted a few other sights which i thought i should show y’all…

Found this church rather historical looking…

Although it was just a days tour, Brighton is a lovely city. Id definitely go back to visit and this time id visit the other tourist attractions.

Hmm, well be traveling to another part of the UK on 21st of April so be sure to stay tuned.





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First Time For Everything…

Ola Muchachos,

Talk about first time experiences?

So not only did it snow in Bournemouth after several years, but it did in plenty. When I say plenty, I mean heaps and heaps of snow – levels of snow that have never been experienced in Bournemouth before. It was shocking, but beautiful at the same time. However, while Bournemouth locals were enjoying the sufficient amount of snow, I was enjoying experiencing snow for my first time.

P.S I can’t really count my experience of snow in the United States, particularly Ohio and Kentucky in 2014 as it was so little. It didn’t even cover the ground; so lets just take this as my first experience. 

Waking up to look outside my window to simply a view of everything covered in white was (for dramatic and intense effect) a long awaited dream. I literally stood at my window staring and taking snaps & pictures, texting everyone in my phone book (okay this is an exaggeration but i did text my family and close friends, haha) but i had to do all i can to show my excitement; of course in a civilized manner. Lol (Didn’t wanna look like I had been living in my cave my whole life eventhough these aint things we see back home).

Considering the fact that the view from my room is of the ocean, thoughts of whether the ocean and the beach were covered by snow and by how much too crossed my mind so many times. Don’t judge me; these thoughts were coming from someone who has never woken up to snow before so its allowed.

So despite how freezing it was outside; to say the truth, i actually didn’t care at that point, I took my amazement outside. I felt like I properly had to experience the snow which i definitely did. It all started with running around in the snow, picking up the snow and throwing it in the air, making snow balls.

Its like i felt like i was the “King of the Snow’

And of course it didn’t end there, I can finally say I managed to do the things I’ve always to do and that I used to jealously watch in films. Guys guys (insert drum roll)…. I made snow angels. I swear I could have stayed there forever moving my hands back and forth, and of course taking videos and pictures…but sadly everything has an ending. Hehe.  I now legit see why kids love making snow angels. Its so much fun.

Although the one thing i didn’t really do was make snowmen. *sob* so i can’t really say my first snow experience was fulfilled, but at least i got to take pictures of my housemates who made them #goodenough

This snowman was failing but who am i to judge? Hehehe.
A lot of effort was put into this snowman. Don’t know who did it considering i saw it outside my accommodation when the snow was just about to melt away. Haha. Just wish I contributed.

On the realz though, seeing snow is a beautiful sight. White is a beautiful color so just imagine when its covered all over grass, trees, buildings, etc…

Considering the fact that the view from my room is of the ocean, thoughts of whether the ocean and the beach were covered by snow and by how much too crossed my mind so many times. Don’t judge me; these thoughts were coming from someone who has never woken up to snow before so its allowed.

When I look back, at least I can say I was in Bournemouth when it not only snowed (after all the years) but also when it snowed that much for the first time here. On top of the big fact that I can now say that i have properly experienced snow. 🙂 One life necessity ticked out my list. #hooray

Rather happy I finally got to add to snow to my list of life experiences. Haha.

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but for now…



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