Ola Muchachos,

Talk about breaking my Europe travel virginity in style. As per my previous post, all you know is that I was just in ITALY but let me entice you a little bit more by letting you know that I was also in three other countries:

Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg. 

This first experience traveling to Europe was no joke. God does not play when he blesses his children. 🙂

FRANCE (via the Ferry)

So it all started off with a ride on the biggest ferry I have ever seen in my life. This was simply to get from the United Kingdom to France via the port of Dover (UK) and the port of Calais (France).

I couldn’t even compare the ferry to the only other ferry i have been on several times – the Mombasa-Diani ferry.  Let me help you visualize this. The British-French ferry is a like a castle and the Kenyan one is like the a hut (yes those huts that people in the village live in; okay thats a crazy comparison; but its just for you to GET the point).

The ferry is a 90minute ride from Dover to Calais; but honestly with the vast amount of things to do on the ferry, you feel like you are only on there for 15mins. From a bar, to a food court to an arcade, a duty free shop and a chill zone area; the ferry felt like a whole mall.

This is the food court.

Whilst on the ferry, I got to see the most beautiful view ever, the sunrise. Imagine seeing the sunset from the middle of nowhere in the middle of the ocean. ONE WORD- BREATHTAKING. Even a picture can’t really show you what i mean but here is an idea…



The next stop was Luxembourg. I don’t want to sound blonde, but do you know I was legit convinced that Luxembourg was in France. Hahaha. I stand ridiculously embarrassed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see much in Luxembourg; so excuse the picture you see up there. But at least I can say that I was there and I stopped for dinner. Haha.


Now I’ve heard a lot about Switzerland and how beautiful it is especially with the Alphs, but seeing it for myself was breathtaking. I wish I had time to take better and up close pictures but anyway lets just those amazing views are reserved for my memories.


For my Italy experience, check out my previous post. I would rewrite it here because thats just how much fun I had and I don’t mind sharing the experience over and over again but let me save all that juice for that post.

I now need to do a proper tour of european countries and actually spend the night in each of the places. Maybe that will be my birthday plan. We shall see. 🙂

Keep checking for more amazing posts.


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EUROPE virginity… #gone

Ola Muchachos,

Lets take it back to the long easter holiday. Okay I don’t think it was long for everyone but when you are a student on a spring break, your easter holiday is three weeks.

This easter holiday was like no other though. Why? Well I finally traveled to one of my go-to travel destinations: ITALY.

I swear the level of anticipation I had was immense. Y’all should have seen me before I went. I do think i was just more excited that it was actually my first time in Europe. 24 years of my life and now is when Im traveling to Europe. Surely? I blame my parents.

P.S. I don’t really count the United Kingdom as part of Europe. And no,  not because of Brexit. Haha. Just because we all know UK is not really in Europe.


I was actually in Italy for work; but not just any type of work. Lets just say my role was to party. BEST JOB EVER!!!!

But on a serious note, I was working under a company called ILOVETOUR – the biggest sporting event company in the UK.

Just a little bit of background information about them; well they organize the littest spring break tours for sports team from a wide range of universities such as Coventry, Hertfordshire and even my university, Bournemouth University. Seriously, ask around, I havn’t heard of a more LIT sporting events tour.

As part of the events team, my role involved ensuring the students had the time of the life through the events we planned for them. This also meant directly partying with them. One of the nights, we planned a foam party. I swear even I got down and dirty (or in this case wet and foamy). Honestly, I have never had such a fun role. Infact out of all the staff who were there, my role was the best. Like how can event organising  and plain out partying not be the best thing to do? I even had a cool name to my role = Social Squad. Is it just me who thinks that sounds cool? *dont bust my bubble* 🙂 

This was from one the nights – FOAM PARTY. So much fun.
This was from the beach party. On the last day.

I think the only bad thing was that I had to wear my “social squad” shirt throughout the trip. Haha. Not really the most fashionable outfit. 

See how it says social squad on the back of my shirt. 🙂

But oh did i mention that everything from transport, to food, to accommodation plus free drinks in the club were sorted by the company. Ah what a perfect trip anyone could get? Especially considering it was for “work” #wow


Unfortunately, because of the fact that I was “working’, I didn’t have much time to properly tour Rimini. But i tried to take a few pictures.

Oh did I forget to mention, that i was in the coast side of Italy. What a beautiful place? Quiet, relaxed…just a serene spot. Its actually known  as the “favored Italian seaside holiday destination for Italians themselves.”

Located on the Adriatic coast. Its actually known Apparently Rimini is known for its nightclubs and shallow waters. There is one huge ass club called the UltraMondo (the club where we throw the foam party). I don’t think I have ever been in a club that big.

This is ultra mondo – the superclub where we had the foam party.

Its ironic to have my first trip to Italy to Rimini but I think thats what made my trip even more unique. The amount of people i told i was going to Rimini and they were all like “huh”. I guess its because we are used to hearing the likes of Venice, Milan and Florence and of course the most famous one Rome. If you are looking for a different, out of the norm spot, then Rimini is def a place to try.

There is no way to come to Italy and not have gelato.


 As much as starting my Europe travel with Italy was the best thing ever, the hustles, stress i had to encounter before going was a nightmare. I actually don’t think I have been that stressed in my life.

It all started out with being very late to apply for my visa (I literally waited till the last minute) but it wasn’t entirely my fault as I was waiting on a certain document. Now these last minute shenanigans meant that I had to do everything I thought I could do to hasten the visa process. Long story short, I was coned. I spent 100 quid paying a certain agency (should i mention names? well i will “Immigration and Migration”) on the false hope that they would get me a quicker appointment. Little did I know that

Think it ends there, well when I finally got to go for my appointment, I didn’t have all the sufficient documents plus just enough cash in my account to prove I wasn’t gonna get stranded in Italy.  Well I had spent over 400 pounds just the week before and I was getting more cash that coming Friday. (Mind you my interview was on Tuesday). You should have heard me telling them how money was being put in my account and their response was like “We want to see it now?” I actually felt like those visa people were out to get me. But honestly, I don’t know how I forgot to ensure my account had over 500 pounds before going for my appointment. However, because it was going for work, I figured they wouldn’t be as concerned with my funds as everything was catered for me.

Funny story, i was at the visa from 9am until 1pm for an appointment that should have only lasted 15minutes.

Im not sure if all these problems were rooted from the fact that I’ve never had to sort out my own visa. Either because i would always travel with my family so my parents use to sort it out or we would use our travel agent back in Kenya.

Lets just say with all this visa problems, my initial dates were moved from 23rd March to 8th April. And my stay in Italy was shortened from 3 weeks to 1 week.

Lesson learnt – I clearly suck with visa applications and i need more practice. Hahahaha. Point is though, I still need up in ITALY so God clearly was on my side.

Despite the issues though, Italy was hella lit. So glad I managed to go.

Anyway to more travel experiences, keep tuned.

In fact I shall be traveling very soon outside the UK again, so you don’t want to miss out on my next experience. Get subscribing so you can always get post notifications ASAP.

But for now,


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