The Kenyan Meet-up in Leeds

Ola Muchachos,

So about two weeks ago, I took a trip with my girls to Leeds (from Bournemouth). I’ve been wanting to visit the cities up north of England and what perfect time to do so while reuniting with my Kenyan peeps.

This trip was simply a Kenyan get together while at the same time my chance to show my Bulgarian girl how crazy and fun Kenyans are. Haha. It was truly a weekend and a half. From dining in a Kenyan restaurant, partying like Kenyans to touring like Kenyans ; I literally felt like I was back home. Maybe I am missing home; but that weekend was a void filled.

Now for my Bulgarian friend, Simona, this was basically a trip to Kenya. We even taught her Kiswahili words like Lamba Lolo which she thinks means Wassup. *only Kenyans will understand this hehehe*

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to take proper pictures for the blog but I will just show you highlights from the trip.

The Leeds Squad.
The actual Kenyan squad. We took this just before going on a night out. 🙂


Leeds Town Centre

Leeds University

This is where we were staying.


Look out for my next blog post. Coming soon.

I took a short tour to a city near London.


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