Hi guys, my name is Diane Nthurima, a Fashion Consultant, Events Planner and most importantly a travel nerd, born and brought in Nairobi.

Traveling has always been a part of my life, since I was a child. I attended all my school trips (I don’t mean trips to the museum, lol); I mean at least three day trips every year to various places from lots of locations in Kenya such as Samburu, Mombasa, Tsavo etc to neighbouring locations like Uganda and Tanzania.

My love for travel escalated from my mum; who I would say is like a travel ambassador. She has been everywhere. And of course because of that, she would constantly ‘preach’ to us that “travel is necessary”. This is another way I got to experience the travel life; as we would travel as a family during festive seasons to international locations such as South Africa, Thailand, Dubai and the USA.

Not only do I love to travel but also love to plan trips for myself and others. I planned three birthday trips to Diani, Naivasha and Nyeri, three years in a row.

Travel blogging, however, had never crossed my mind until my best friend pointed out that since I travel a lot, I should really start documenting my travel escapades. Hence the motivation to start this blog. Thanks Bee. 🙂

I hope my travel experiences act as a motivator to get you out of your daily comfort and into the world of travel.



Email: diane@njoonami.com

Instagram: @nerd_dee

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Twitter: @realnerd_dee

Cover picture courtesy of Tintseh Photography http://www.tintseh.co.ke

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