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Nairobi Restaurant Week 2017

Ola Muchachos,

So this past week, EatOut organized my best food-related week in the year; Nairobi Resturant Week. This is a week where Nairobians get the opportunity to indulge in all things food from starters to dessert, in the top resturants.

Not only were there 10 new resturants added to the participating list, but the prices were so much cheaper, this year. Lunch was only Ksh 950, while dinner was ksh 1950. So affordable.

Its crazy how I wasnt even sure if i would make it to any resturant considering my schedule, but suprisingly I found time and made it to not one but four resturants. Whoop. 🙂 Come to think of it though, I havnt ever missed out on Nairobi restuarant Week since it was introduced. Last year, I went to at least 5 restaurants. Clearly, food offers never pass me. Lol.



This was actually my second time here during Nairobi Restaurant Week; only difference is this time it was hella random. After a meeting in the premises, my two friends (Zippy and Bright) thought it best fit to have lunch as we caught up on a few social matters.

The restaurant had two options for 950; starters and main course as shown below.

Chicken Caesar Salad with Bacon and Garlic Buttered Croutons


Beef Fillet served with Onions Confit and Caramelized Butter; accompanied with Fries




After preparations with my friend (Isaac) to go for lunch in the vicinity of his office that is ngong road/upper hill sides; I was initially meant to go to Raddisson Blu this day, but they didnt have NRW during lunch hour and my next option; Amber Hotel, only had NRW lunch timings up to 2:30pm. So considering I was only available from 3pm for lunch, Sierra was the best choice because their lunch timings were up to 6pm (how considerate of them). And seeing that I had heard about Sierra before but never been, this was my chance to go there.


The restaurant had two options for Ksh950; starters and main course as shown below.

Pumpkin and Coconut Soup with Coriander and Cashew Nut Pesto and Herb Croutons


Grilled Angus Beef Burger with Caramelized Onions, Oyster Sauce Glaze and Jalapeno Mayonnaise; accompanied with Fries




This restaurant was at the top of our list when my friend (Tabz) and I saw it on the list of participating resturants. It was definately a must-go and just as we hoped, the resturant filled our expectations. The food, decor and ambiance were thumbs up. For Ksh 950, we had the choice of a starter and main course or a main course and dessert. Have a look of what I choose below.

BBQ Lamp Chops with Corn on the cob & Coleslaw served with Mashed Potatoes



However, after tasting what my friends had to eat for their main course, I did wish I had the chicken instead of the beef fillet as it was abit hard to cut up. I guess thats especially because i love eating other peoples food. Haha. But all in all, the food was still good.


Vanilla Panacotta (Fresh cream and sugar free with vanilla, port and gelatin)




Saved the best for last; when I say best I mean in terms of value for money. This restaurant really went all out with their NRW offer; for Ksh 950, we were ‘gifted’ with a choice of starters or appetizers, main course and dessert. It doesnt end there, we also got the choice to pick between one out of five cocktails (all shown below)

Olmeca Margarita


Barbequed Chicken Winglet


Herb Crusted Chicken Glazed with Rosemary Jus and Carrot Mash


White and Dark Chocolate Mousse


Coming to think of it, I believe Bonhomie; out of all the participating restaurants; was the most generous with their menu.

I hadnt actually been to Concord before, but I would always pass it when I was near Diamond Plaza especially when it was being built; but with their NRW generosity, I will definately be going back.


Posting all this food has really given me muchies. Let me go satisfy my appetitie. 🙂

Anyway thanks for reading.

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Ola Muchachos,

While in Dubai, I got to meet up with one of my long time friends, Fred, who lives and works there. After spending the whole afternoon together chilling, our hunger took us to Al Ghurair Mall in Deira for dinner.

Ofcourse Fred chose the restuarant seeing that he was the familiar one;to which his choice landed on a resturant called Thank God Its Friday. Yes you heard right, TGIF! And their motto was ‘In here, its always Friday’. Clever ey?

Anyway, the food was so good and in plenty. I can remember how satisfied we were that we both had some of it packed because we just couldnt finish.

Scroll down and see a recount of all that we both ate from starters to dessert with ofcourse the name and description of the food. Yes, im that considerate. Hehe.


They had an amazing offer; get a two course meal for AED 49 and since we wanted dessert too, we just had to add an extra AED 6. So basically, the whole meal per person was about AED 54 (thats Ksh1350). Very reasonable for a three course meal 🙂



BUFFALO CHICKEN STRIPS – Crispy pieces of chicken breast basted in traditonal spicy Buffalo sauce. Served with crispy celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.


SOUTHWEST POTATO TWISTERS – Spiral sliced potatoes, topped with traditional spicy queso with Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and fresh cilantro.



FRIED CHICKEN PASTA – Crunchy Cajun fried chicken served over creamy fettuccine with corn. Monterey Jack cheese and topped with crispy beef bacon, diced tomatoes and smoked onions.


WICKED CHICKEN – Two blackened Cajun-spiced chicken breasts topped with Cajun cream sauce and fresh pico de gallo. Served over spanish rice, accompanied with butter roasted corn cobs and a side of Cajun cream sauce.


Accompaniments for the two entree meals: 



OREO MADNESS – Giant Oreo cookie sandwich with vanilla ice cream. Topped with chocolate hot fudge. Served with whole fresh strawberry.


CHOCOLATE CAKE – Layers of moist chocolate cake with a silky smooth chocolate filling.



We were given this card to use on our next visits at any TGIF outlets; which indicated that if we eat two more meals at the restuarant, our fourth meal would be free. Awesome? Well only problem was, that was my last day in Dubai. LOL. So lucky for my friend, Fred, he’s the one who gets to benefit from this. Haha.


Hope all this food just made you salivate. Lol.

Anyway, I’m still not done posting on my trip in Dubai (hehe), so keep checking for more posts. 🙂

Peace, Love and NjooNami

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Nairobi Pizza Festival Week

Hi guys,

First official post. Whoop. 🙂 I have amazing stuff planned for yall with this blog so be on the watch. Its funny how I hadnt really thought about doing a Pizza Fest post until after the week was done.

Anyway, for those that know me, they can testify that i love food; particularly fatty food. (haha). Im not exactly the most heathly person (unfortunately) and for that reason you can understand why pizza would be one of my all time favourites, under cake ofcourse.

Now you can imagine the psyche I had as I waited for Pizza Festival Week as this was good time to try out 2 for 1 pizzas from different pizza joints. Ofcourse with that in mind, I wasnt only going to go to one participating restaurant; that would be a waste; at least 5 would be good. Well guess what, I beat my expectation by going to six restaurants; three of which I hadnt been too before.

My love for pizza is so real, that on two days during the week, i went for pizza twice – late lunch and dinner. I think its safe to say im a pizza addict now. 🙂 🙂

However I do wish more restuarants (especially the not so popular ones) participated in the festival as this would have given people more motivation to try out new pizza joints. Im sure there are a number of restaurants that offer good pizza that didnt make the list of participants. Shame!

CAFE VIENNA – Tuesday 27th

Cafe Vienna, previously known as Dr Oekter was always a restuarant I had seen everytime I would go to Nakumatt Ukay; but had never been too. So I went there expecting the small portable food truck at the entrance, however with the renovation of Nakumatt Ukay came the reconstruction and movement of cafe vienna into a spacious area that was previously occupied by phone express and fruit and vegetables section of Nakumatt. I love its new look.

Seeing that I went to Cafe Vienna for a 10am meeting; this meant morning pizza. Yes thats right, I had pizza for breakfast. Haha. And to our benefit we got a SPECIAL pizza (that was not part of the offer); just because we were the first customer of the day. Lol. Their pizzas were only 700; very very reasonable considering its two for one pizza so basically I paid 350 for my pizza whilst my friend paid another 350.




LA DOLCE VITA – Thursday 29th

After my initial pizza festival lunch plans were canceled by my date (you know yourself, hahahaha), I called up one of my other friends (Kanyua) who I knew was craving pizza. She had been to La Dolce Vita before, but not for their pizza so this was the perfect opportunity to try out their Italian pizza.

Located at Muthaiga Mini Market, (also known as Muthaiga Shopping Centre) where I have been several times, it was my first time to set foot in this restuarant. The set up and decor of the indoor section of the restuarant (which is where we sat) was exquisite; made me feel almost as if i had gone for a dinner date. Mind you, we were there for late lunch. 🙂




If i remember right, their pizzas were Ksh 1050, which was about just over Ksh 500 each, but the size compensated because they were rather huge.



MAMBO ITALIA – Thursday 29th

Still not satisfied with pizza for the day, I made dinner plans with a couple of friends at the Mambo Italia; the one at Lavington Curve. The last time I was there was actually Nairobi Restaurant Week; clearly these EatOut Kenya yearly food offers are my thing. Hehe.



Ofcourse our pizzas which went for Ksh 980 for two; had to be accompanied with their cocktails, which are rather good. 🙂




Since I wasnt feeling like eating in a restuarant but ofcourse I was still craving pizza, Spring Valley Oven became my no.1 choice as they were one of the few restuarants participating in Nairobi Pizza Festival that were offering take away. As well as it was a restaurant within the Westlands environs as I didnt want to drive too far in search of take away pizza.


Spring Valley Oven is another restaurant I had driven past several times but had never been too. Its located in Spring Valley (hence its name) on Lower Kabete Road. Just like Cafe Vienna, their pizza price was rather reasonable; at Ksh 800.




ARTCAFFE – Saturday 1st 

A lovely chilled out saturday afternoon calls out for a large plate of pizza. These were our sentiments after my friend (Angie) and I felt the hunger kick in after we were done on set with the pre-recording of Victoria’s Lounge (oh yeah, we were guests on the show). Anyway, two for one pizza really seemed like a plan and considering we didnt want to leave the environs of Lavington, it was between Pizza Mojo, Mambo Italia (had already been there), Meditttereneo and ofcourse Artcaffe; to which Artcaffe seemed like the best option at that time.


Their pizza price ranged at about 1200; the most expensive out of all the six restaurants I had been too.





DEBONAIRS – Saturday 1st 

When hunger hits you at late hours, the easiest thing to get is pizza take away; well thats how we (we being a bunch of friends and I) felt after the realization that there was no food available at my friends house and none of us was willing to cook. Ofcourse, I being the pizza fanatic willingly volunteered to drive to Debonairs after we called them and they informed us they werent doing delivery during pizza festival week. Really?

Now we ordered the standard pizza priced at Ksh 1000 thinking it would be a moderate size that would satisfy 4 hungry souls.  Unfortunately for us, the standard size looked so much like the small size. I dont even understand why they called it standard. Lol.





Hope you enjoyed reading about my pizza fest experience.

Apologies for the inconsistent picture quality though. Haha. I used my Iphone to take the shots and clearly the lighting and angles werent the best in some. But anyway, at least you get an idea of how the pizza looked.

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Enjoy your week.


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