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The Techno Experience: UK Style

Ola Muchachos,

Talk about guest list things and techno vibes hehehe

So on the 2nd of February, I was invited to attend my first techno/rave event in the U.K. with one of my techno fanatics of a close friend; Lina; dubbed Techbox.  Not quite sure if I can say I’ve been to a proper fully techno event  back in Kenya, so we can count this as my official first (particularly in the U.K). But that depends on whether the 6AM events like beach life and sunglasses at night techno events? (My Kenyan readers can relate)

Anyway Techbox; which is the event I attended; can be described as a clubbing experience that infuses Tech House and Techno. It was situated at Bomo Bunker, right here in Bournemouth; where I live.

For those that don’t know, Bomo Bunker is a basement joint that is the ideal spot for rave events; and of course home to the illest and fittest rave in Bournemouth; TechBox. If it hasn’t hit you, even the name Techbox is significant of the venue at which the event it is held, as Bunker is an underground basement box looking spot. Lol.


My techno partner for the night and the motivation behind attending the event; Lina. 🙂

Well as Lina has been convincing me to attend raves or techno events with her and I have always refused, she will be very proud to know that I actually enjoyed my time at Techbox.

Reminiscing on the night couple of days ago, I remember dancing to the techno beats for about 4 to 5 hours non-stop. (Good job for someone who has a love primarily for hip hop, trap, drum and base etc…basically anything upbeat and with words haha). Really don’t know where I got my energy from but it surely must been from those DJ decks that also were playing non-stop.

The one thing I really liked was the change of DJ’s every so often; i believe it was like every hour. The change helped us get a feel of the taste and skills of the different tech music experts. You know those events that keep the same DJ for over two hours and it gets so monotonous; well Techbox’s supply of DJs were sufficient enough to get you jamming to different decks.

Another thing I liked was the presence of the two dance floors. So depending on what exact type of techno feeling one had, each floor was there to cater to those feelings. I found myself on both floors as i wanted to get a full taste of the whole event; and from what I saw, both dance-floors were worth it.

Ground floor dancing area
 For those wondering; the venue does look like a house- thats just the structure of bunker; so no it wasn’t a house party. Haha.
Basement dancefloor area

So lets summarize my experience in one word: REPEATABLE.

I actually see myself attending more techno events. Maybe this was my techno music breakthrough. 😀 We shall see.

Im sure you are all so pressed to see how the night fully went down with visual imagery, well here you go… 🙂

THE TECHNO (or in this case – Techbox) FANS

Everyone in the crowd was there for one reason; to have a good time and thats exactly what they had. There was no holding back when it came to their energy levels and enthusiasm. And mind you the event was packed; so just imagine a place FULL of people having a good time; its contagious. 🙂

 P.S All these pictures were taken by my girl Lina and I. I legit think we should start a photography company especially considering everyone at the event kept asking us to take their picture. Not sure if they thought we were the official photographers.
Love was clearly in the air too. 🙂
Valentines is def around the corner. 🙂

And just like that, the summary of a great night is done.

If you are ever in Bournemouth…….

……in fact stratch that, check out Techbox Events on social media and find out where they will be playing at next, and do yourself a favour and GO. Its definately something not worth missing out especially for those techno and tech house lovers.

Or let me just make things easier for you:

20th April, Bournemouth. Yes tickets are already out. Get them on fatsoma.

Check out this space for nothing but event reviews. 🙂

But for now,


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The Wave w/ Tekno Miles

Sponsored by Hennessey, Hype and Roya brought to us The Wave this past weekend; a concert that brought together a number of big household Kenyan names as well as an international african act.


Starting at about 1pm and ending in about 30 minutes (it was rather short); the media/ press conference which took place at the Sarova Stanley was merely an opportunity to meet and interact with Tekno Miles (the international act of the night).

Thats me on the left; next to Tekno :):)


If you missed out on this concert, then you missed out a great opportunity to see one of the most lit performances from Kenyan artists ever.

Amina Abdi helped us start the night on a good note by gracing the stage with her fantastic MC skills.

MC – Amina Abdi

I don’t believe there was anyone better who could have kicked off the night with their performance other than Fena. She managed to create the right energy amongst the crowd as she gave us a taste of Party Nation and Kama Kawaida.


Redsan with his sexy self (mayne his body though *insert wink face*) then came out ready to show us his moves and get us moving to his upbeat songs. Another good performance, I must say…


The Big Surprise

One of the biggest surprises we received was the announcement that Camp Mulla would be performing and with this also came the news that they would be getting back together to produce new music. If this wasn’t one of the biggest and best news y’all have heard recently in the Kenyan music industry,then I don’t know what your definition of good news is. Hehe.

Camp Mulla Crew (Taio, Karun, Marcus and Shappaman)

I think this was one of the best parts of the night with Camp Mulla reminding us why they were one of the best young groups in the game. I could feel the nostalgia when they performed their biggest hit “Party don’t stop” and kept the crowd engaged with other hits like “Fresh all day”.

I surely can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next; performance wise and of course with regard to new music.

Miss Karun of Camp Mulla
Shappaman of Camp Mulla
Taio Tripper of Camp Mulla

Talk about a LIT-uation…

I don’t think I have ever seen Kansoul perform or in other words, I can’t remember which event Kansoul last performed at; but I don’t think that matters after this performance. Their performance was one of the most out there performances I have seen done by any Kenyan artist.

For those who don’t know Kansoul; well google. Haha. Anyway, it is a group of three Kenyan artists that consists of Matrix, Mejja and Kidkay. Now if you also don’t know who these guys are, go back to google. 🙂

So Kansoul did the extreme and brought XS millionaires dancers as part of their performance. It all started with one of the hottest strippers from XS came on stage and started dancing promiscuously. I legit didn’t know what to expect until I saw Kansoul came out singing one of their jams and then a bunch of other dancers wearing practically nothing followed. I swear I can still remember the shock on peoples faces when the strippers came out and started shaking everything their mama gave them right infront of their eyes.

This was truly a performance I really doubt any of the audience will EVER forget. Kudos to Kansoul for pulling it through and doing the unexpected.

Madtrax from Kansoul; with the XS Millionaires dancers
Mejja from Kansoul
KidKay from Kansoul


The last performer of the night was Tekno; the international act of the night from Nigeria who is behind hits like “Wash”, “Rara”, “Go”, the song dedicated to me “Diana” (haha) and of course his biggest hit “Duro’.

I believe he is the reason why everyone attended and from what I saw with regard to numbers, A LOT of people showed up to see Tekno live in action; I guess mainly because he is a fast rising African star and this was of course his first time in Kenya.

Tekno Miles

If i could, however describe his performance, I’d say the Kenyan artists did give Tekno some major competition (or like we like to call “compe”. Im not gonna lie but I did expect a better performance from him seeing that he is Nigerian and Nigerian usually tend to kill their performances.

Stereotype aside though, (hehe), his performance was still good with a number of Nigerian moves (nigga can dance though so hi_5 to that) and his songs are hella catchy and easy to sing along too (so another hi-5 to that).


Hennessy never disappoint when it comes to decor and arrangement. The VIP section done up by them was just a resemblance of their alcohol; high class, unique and sophisticated.

The Lounge


Usually, if not at all times; people in the VIP not only come for concerts to watch the performances but also to show off their style and fashion sense.

Below are some of the looks, I managed to spot. Thigh high boots seemed to be the style feature of the night with several people embracing the type of shoe into their look.

Award-winning Blogger and Marketing/PR Expert – Lucia Musau

I love her hair color.


Here are some of the celebrities I came across while in the VIP section of the event…

Dr. Ofweneke with friends…
Comedian Eric Omondi
Mac Otani & DJ T-Boy
Sauti Sol’s Manager, Marek

Pictures courtesy of Henessey and Alan Photography  🙂

Cant wait to see what Hype and Roya have in store for us next.

For more event reviews, keep checking out the event episodes section of Njoonami. 🙂

Thanks for reading. I do hope you enjoyed.


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BBQ LIVE w/ Star Boy

For those who didnt know; which im sure is like 1% of the Nairobi population, Star Boy aka Wizkid graced our grounds on the 22nd of July, courtesy of BBQ live.

Just to give abit of insight, BBQ Live is a night-time event that brings together the youth through music and live performances. In their past events, they have brought Tiwa Savage, Timaya etc and this time round, it was no other than Africas Finest.

This was actually Wizkid’s third time to perform in Kenya; 1st it was some concert at Carnivore Grounds about four years ago, then at Mombasa Rocks in 2016; but he wasnt as popular then and of course an african worldwide sensation yet so you can imagine the turnout and hype for this event. One word: CRAZY!

And just for the record, this was my first BBQ Live concert so im speaking for a place of total unbias as i had past BBQ Live experiences to compare too. Hahaha.


Wizkid arrived at about 10:30pm at the JKIA international arrivals section on Friday 21st July. I, ofcourse was there (with a number of media houses and photographers) to welcome him into the country.

Video_1 – Showing Wizkid arriving at JKIA (CLICK HERE)


On the saturday morning, the day for the event, a press conference was held at the Kenya Invention and Conventional Centre (KICC) at about midday, in preparation for the event. It was graced by different media houses such as Nation Media Group and Homeboyz, and other marketing and fashion platforms such as KAMI Consultancy, Ojwa Styling etc.


Video – Showing Diane Nthurima posing a question to Wizkid (CLICK HERE)

Press Conference OOTD

Ojwa Representative Ms Beata Otieno (Press Conference OOTD)

THE EVENT (Set up before it started)

The event was split into three differenct sections; namely the Arena (regular), VIP and VVIP, which each section having cost people 2500, 10,000 and 25,000 respectively.

The Stage
The Arena
VIP Lounge
VVIP Lounge

Additonally, within the Arena section, some of the event sponsors and partners had their own tents such as Ciroc, Nation Media Group, Redbull, Uber and Charge Bar (this was the cleverest thing at the event – a place to charge your phone for you for all those who didnt have powerbanks. How smart?).  The Arena was also home to all the food and drink vendors.


Fashion at concerts comes in all shapes, sizes, styles, forms, looks etc. While some are in casual, others are sexy and others are classy. Below are some of the looks from the event.



 The choice of bringing Wizkid was rather clever considering his vast musical ability and the international level at which he has currently reached.

Wizkid definitely is a performer and a half. This having been my third Wizkid Concert; i was surely not disappointed. Funny thing, it was raining practically cats and dogs (okay thats an exaggeration but it was very very wet) but the crowd just didnt care. I actually had my natural hair out but weirdly enough that was no concern to me; a that point I didnt care how wet i would get. Lets just say, I and everyone was there for a sole purpose – to see the Star Boy do his thing which he did very well and nothing was gonna stop us, not even rain.

Having performed for over an hour, we can say that no-one could disapprove on Wizkid’s lit performance. The sike and energy from the crowd was insane. Infact the crowd was literally singing along to all of Wizkid songs. And we all know he has alot of songs. But that just goes to show the love we have for Wizkid and all his club bangers.

Now, BBQ Live did not only bring an international African star but the choice of other kenyan artists who performed before Wizkid was well thought out. There was the likes of Nameless, Redsan, Fena, Hart The Band and the list continues who all came out and performanced with their hearts and soul. All performances were to the tee, however if i had to pick my favourite Kenyan artisit for the night, I’d say Nameless. I believe it must be goes he took us back to my childhood years with songs like sinzia, ; songs I had truly missed listening too and also coz i havnt seen him peform ever (if i remember well or in a very long time).

After Wizkid brought the house down like that, I am really wondering who BBQ Live is planning to bring next.

Anyway thanks for reading guys. Let me know your views on the concert and performances.


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B-Club VIP Pool Party w/ Iyanya

Barry and Samia - Owners of B-Club
Barry and Samia – Owners of B-Club

Ola Muchachos,

I dont think I have ever experienced a LIT Kenyan pool party until I attended this B-club organized VIP Pool Party that took place on the 4th of June at the Cloud Hotel and Suites in Diamond Plaza.

Anniversary Cake

Not only was it just an exquisite pool party that brought togther the most elite kenyans from all sectors, but it was also a celebration of B clubs first year anniversary (hence the creative ‘birthday cake above). Imagine B Club is already one. One of the biggest, well known and lavious clubs is only turning one. With all the fame and recognition, it has gotten, you would think B club has been in existence for quite some time.

Guest in pool 3


It was all about pool attire at this party and ofcourse I was not one to not stick to the theme. Not only did I incorporate a swiming costume in my look but i managed to pull off the all white theme.

image1 (5)

image3 (2)

image4 (1)



image5 (1)


Trust B Club to ensure that this was more than just any ordinary pool party. B Club dont joke when it comes to their events. This time they brought one of Nigeria’s biggest artists; Iyanya. We all know Iyanya from his hit songs Kukure, Up to something, Your Waist, Jombolo, Mr Oreo, so you can imagine how his perfomance was. Well I have one word: LIT. From his songs to his outstanding body that melted the hearts of many of the woman; Iyanya brought the house (or should I say hotel) down.

Iyanya on Stage 2



Not just did Iyanya perform but we got to experience some Ugandan flavour and spice from Pallaso.

Pallaso 2

Theres a reason it was called a VIP pool party; because the event graced some of the big names in the game. Apart from Iyanya (the star of the event), Dj Maphorisa (SA) and Dj Stylez (Kenya) took us away with their fantastic mixes, while Pallaso (UG) performed a couple of his hit songs.’ Some of the other celebs included Nameless, Eddy Kenzo (UG), Dj Hyptonica, Big Pin, Kristoff and many more.

Nameless and Iyanya
Nameless & Iyanya


Iyanya & Dj Maphorisa
Iyanya & Dj Maphorisa


DJ Stylez on the decks
DJ Stylez on the decks


Pallaso - Ugandan Musician


Tanasha Oketch - Kenyan/Italian Model
Tanasha Oketch – Kenyan/Italian Model


Dj Hypnotica & Joe Muchiri
Dj Hypnotica & Joe Muchiri




Seretix and Fawwie
Seretix and Fawwie


Emmanuel Jambo
Emmanuel Jambo

Hope you enjoyed this post because I enjoyed attending this event.

After this litness, im definately looking forward to the next B-club VIP Pool Party.


Images courtesy of B – Club International, Nairobi Street Style and Style Me Monday.

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THRIFT SOCIAL | Camo Edition

Ola Muchachos,

On the 7th of this month, I attended my third thrift social ever happening at the Alchemist grounds. The theme this time round was camo.

Unfortunately for me, I didnt have anything camo in my wardrobe to wear and since I only decided im going for the event the day before, it was abit too late to go shopping or get something from a friend; so instead I wore a jungle green bomber jacket and jungle green hat that kinda went with the camo theme. Im totally investing in camo inspired clothes now. Haha.

Anyway check me out in the pictures below; taken by two really good photographers; Monday from and Ojwok from Ojwok Photography.




















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LC Waikiki Store Launch

Ola Muchachos,

On the 16th of February, I had the honor of attending the store opening of LC Waikiki at the Two Rivers Mall – an invite only launch event, that marked the store’s entry into the Kenyan market.


For those who dont know, LC Waikiki is a Turkish retail brand with stores in 35 countries worldwide, and their new and only store in Kenya is the first in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa, the main reason for the celebration.

The event was a cocktail type of event where the invited guests simply got a first view of the store before its public opening on the 17th of February; with several bitings and beverages to choose from. It was bascially an unstructured event where guests could come in and leave at their pleasure; and could walk around the store without restriction. Guests were also allowed to buy any item they liked from the store with the incentive of a 20% discount on all selected items.


My Plus One

My invite came with the ability to invite a plus one, to which I did; one of my close friends Kanyua.




Guess what?

Well Kanyua and I got interviewed by WhatsGood Live; an online entertainment network that was covering the event. You can find part of the interview on their Youtube Channel dubbed LC Waikiki.



More from the event




The store is actually one of, if not the biggest at Two Rivers, with two floors.


Bitings and Beverages

The event incorporated waiters walking around with small bitings from samosas to fruits on sticks as well as drinks. All the refreshments were on the house ofcourse.





Lucky for us, we got to leave with a goodie bag that comprised of a shirt, a wallet, a notebook, a pen and a bag; all branded LC Waikiki ofcourse.


Good vibes, good food, good theme and good event; i must say.

Thanks for the invite Redhouse.


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Chris Breezy In Kenya

Ola Muchacho’s,

So Chris Brown was in town. Yes Chris Brown was in Kenya. I had to emphasize on that because I still cant believe Chris Brown actually came to Kenya. I think Im not the only one with these sentiments as most people didnt actually think it would happen; it just seemed too good to be true. But it did, as in, one of the biggest musicians in the world right now, set foot on Kenyan soil to perform. If this isnt huge for the Kenyan entertainment industry, I dont know what is…

The minute the speculations of his coming were confirmed, I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity (exaggeration needed hehe), that I was certainly not going to miss out on. Just as the saying goes ‘You Only Live Once’, well I didnt care where I would get the money, means and time to take myself to Mombasa. All I just knew was that I needed to find myself there.

Yes I took this pic. 🙂 Cool??

The Event Itself

It all started with our ride to the event. Just imagine, we took a tuk tuk from Kilifi all the way to Mombasa Golf Course. Talk about adventure. I believe we took 1 hour, 30 mins, for what should take 45mins. But that tuk tuk ride was rather refreshing considering there was so much ventilation. Haha.

So thanks to that slow Tuk Tuk speed, we got to the event at around 6pm. Luckily for us, the event starting at 2pm as stated in the posters was a lie so we had time to take pictures and snaps before going in to secure a good spot. The event started though by like 7/8pm and ended by 1am, which meant guys had to look for plans right after the concert, as it was just too early to ‘go home’. Shocking as I believe we all thought, we would be there until like 4/5am. I was just too tired to go anywhere after though; my bed was just calling my name.

Now lets talk about the set up. This event was no joke; I could feel the abundance of cash used just when I arrived. The set up was crazy: I swear from the lighting, to the sound, to the stage (I have never seen such huge speakers); alot was really invested in ensuring the overall logistics was top notch.  Wale Wasee Ltd was clearly not playing when they decided to plan this event.

However, I was rather disturbed about how far the stage was. Like did Chris Brown think we would spit on him if we were just too close? I remember attending the Jameson Live concert last year and I could literally touch BOB as he performed. We even had eye contact (had to add that in). Haha. Point is, why couldnt it be the same with Chris Brown? Is he such a diva that he needed the stage to be like ’20 feet’ away from the audience? Smh.

Nevertheless, if i was told to describe the concert in one word, id say LIT! 🙂 🙂 From the emcees (particularly Sexy Jamal Gaddafi), the decor and ambiance, the DJ, and ofcourse the performances. And oh yeah and my concert crew definately (my bestfriend and her sister)

This is what we pulled up in to the event. A pitch black tuk tuk. Sexy or what?



Chilling in our ride with our driver. Lol.




My OOTN!! I have worn that blazer for like three concerts. It is literally the ultimate concert blazer. Reason why? Well it has inside pockets. So no need for a bag and less chances of being stolen from. And ofcourse it looks good. 🙂





Talk about perfect positioning… 

So we literally had the ‘best seats in the house’. Who knew that our Ksh 6000 regular ticket (we got them advance) would get us the best view of Chris Brown and the other perfomers? Ofcourse being strategic, got us at the front row…when i say front row, I mean we were right behind the barrier that separated the crowd from the stage *see the selfies below for evidence haha*. You should know how we got that position by standing there from even before the concert started; I believe it was from 6/7pm.


Its funny how everyone who was in the regular section had a direct, straight view of the stage; while guys in VIP and VVIP had to watch the concert mainly from the screens or from the corners of the stage. How unfair right? Especially when they had paid (rather invested lol) Ksh 20,000 and Ksh 50,000 on VIP and VVIP tickets.  When I say this, I really mean it: I did feel pity for them since their investment didnt get them the best view. Hehe. Im sure guys will be getting regular tickets next time.

If you legit ever need the best view at a concert, holla at my bestfriend (Beata) and I; we will sort you out. I swear there is no concert we have gone for together and have not been at the front row. From Wizkids concert in 2014 to BOBs concert last year. 🙂 🙂 Strategies yo.


The Perfomers: 

The line up of artists who performed was rather legit. Ofcourse, apart from the two main acts: Wizkid and Chris Brown, there was Alikiba, Vanessa Mdee, Navio, Nazizi, Jay A and some random artist who had an American accent. Lol.


Chris Brown (who to say the truth was the only reason I went as I had already seen Wizkid perform two years ago), had such a lit performance. The nigga performed his best hits old and new for 90mins mayne. So worth my time and money. However his lip-syncing was abit disappointing as I wanted to hear his vocals like the whole time; but at least he did bust some moves so that kinda covered up for his ‘singing mishaps’. Besides I think I was too busy staring at him in disbelief for the lip-syncing to bother me. Infact Im still in awe that I got to see one of my favourite musicians perform. So definaltely I think Id be biased if i said his performance was KILLER! Although I do know for a fact that he didnt put in as much effort as he did in his past concerts in the Western countries.


Wizkids performance was on point…for someone who stuck to singing all his songs throughout his performance wihtout a hint of lip syncing; I gotta give him double thumbs up. This was my second time to watch Wizkid do his thing live and i can surely say he doesnt disappoint. The same way he delivered two years ago, is more or less the same strength of a performance he gave this time.


So guess who got to open for Chris Brown?? Here we were all thinking it would be Wizkid, well werent we wrong as the sexy Tanzanian, Alikiba did instead. Not only did he open for Chris Brown, but he performed again at the end of the concert just after Joho (Mombasa County Governor) came on stage to give a word to the audience. So basically, Alikiba was like the closing act of the night. Sawa Mombasa’s favourite. 🙂 Im not sure if i was more jazzed by his performance or by his sex appeal. Lol. But anyway on the realz, his performance was good.


Apparently, the next act coming to Kenya is Nicki Minaj so see yall there.

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Happy Halloween.


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