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Travel with me in Kenya

TWENTY SEXY | Amboseli Bound

Ola Muchachos,

For those who know, my birthday was on the 15th of June 2019 and for those who know me, I have always traveled for my birthday. ย Okay since I was 21. So it was kind of bound for me to travel for this birthday. A birthday I have termed as Twenty Sexy (mainly because I’m no longer saying my age).

Two weeks ago, on my special day, I took a two-day trip to Amboseli, Kenya. I would say I was practically in Tanzania because my phone network sent me a “Welcome to Tanzania” message.

I had actually never been to Amboseli (or maybe I have and I can’t remember), but it was definitely a different birthday experience especially compared to last year where I was enjoying my birthday by the coast in Greece and Netherlands.

I loved the whole outdoor rustic feels that this birthday getaway gave me. From the animal sightseeing at Amboseli National Park to the quiet serene beauty of where we stayed; Kibo Safari Camp.

Amboseli National Parkย 

Kibo Camp

My best friend Beats Otieno.

To an amazing birthday getaway experience.

Take me back. ๐Ÿ™


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DISTANT RELATIVES – What we got up to! (Continued…)

What a beautiful day it was to be on the ocean? #memories

Ola Muchachos,

On sunday, the Distant Relatives team organized a very relaxing and fun ocean tour on Captain Issa’s dhow as well as a water sports activity 3 degrees south into the Kilifi ocean.


Ride aboard Captain Issa’s boat was the motto of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

With Captain Issa (middle)



The same squad we went to the Bofa Beach with, is the same squad we went on the boat ride and snorkeling with


So ย the water sport activity we did was snorkeling. Now I have snorkelled a couple of times in Kilifi before so it wasn’t something new for me; however that was mainly closer to the shore. This time, we went really deep into the ocean so I was a tad bit nervous at first especially when I could see us approaching the area in the ocean where the sharks reside (LOL).

When I went to Diani for my 21st birthday, I do remember going far into sea but it didn’t seem that far in compared to this time. However, once I got into the water, it actually wasn’t as scary and there was so much to sea underwater; from jellyfish, to snakes, to starfish, normal fish etc; so that was interesting.


And thats it. Those four posts basically summarize my stay. There was no way I could put everything into one post because as you could see, there was just so much to show content for.

It was so sad that the three day stay at Distant Relatives had to come to an end. Infact writing these posts have given me an urge to go back. ๐Ÿ™ But if i could sum it in one word; I would say AMAZING. From the food (did I say that meals on a full board basis was included in the package), our room, the activities, the welcoming and friendly staff to the venue as a whole; it was definitely a weekend to remember and most definitely worth the 12 hours bus ride to and fro Nairobi. Hahaha.

Not only should Kilifi be in your to-go list because its a rarely visited destination but while there make sure you stay at Distant Relatives or at least visit.

Thank you Distant Relatives for the invite and the opportunity to write about your lodge. Looking forward to going back to write another review.

But for now,



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DISTANT RELATIVES – What we got up to!

Ola Muchachos,

So our three day stay didn’t just consist of relaxing and sight seeing, our hosts organized a bunch of activities for us to do (on their expense; i know how dope).

This was actually one of the best parts of the trip. You will see why….


This is definitely the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. Funny enough, the activity list our hosts sent us mentioned that but I didn’t believe them…till i went and saw it for myself.

Ive been to kilifi for several years and I had never heard about it. Don’t know why? Well I guess thats why its so beautiful, not polluted and serene; because its Kilifi’s ‘hidden treasure.


How beautiful is this beach though?

So white, so clean and so soft.

We actually had to take a bus (which of course the lodge had pre-organized from us) from Distant Relatives to this beach as its about a 10min drive, but it was worth the ride considering this was the beauty we were driving to.

Beach squad!! Here are some of the other guests from the lodge including two other bloggers who were invited for a review too. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


The scenery at Bofa beach was nothing compared to the beautiful view of the sunset from Fumbini Village; which has been termed as one of the most picturesque spots on the Kenyan coast. A description that I can certainly agree too.

Those 10-15mins from when we got there to watching the sun go down plus with background music courtesy of one of the hotel guests who happened to carry his guitar was a rather soothing life reflecting moment. A time to appreciate nature and its beauty.


If you are thinking this is all we got up to, then you thought wrong.

Check out the next post to see what else we did. The adventures continue…


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Ola Muchachos,

Im back and ready to show y’all our beautiful room.

Talk about an ecological room. I was really impressed by the use of wood in a creative yet visually appealing manner. Who said wood can’t look good? Well if you ever thought that, then this post should change your mind.

In fact come to think of it, the whole hotel is rather ecological. Why? Well the purpose of Distant Relatives is to use recycled items and items that cause no harm to the environment; hence the name of the place “ecolodge”.

So unlike what we are generally used to (this was the best part of our room actually) the bathroom was outside.

By the way, when I say outside, I don’t mean that we had to walk out of our room to a different section of the hotel or to a shared bathroom; it was literally within our room boundaries but just outside because of the lack of roof.

Love how spacious the bathroom was. This literally felt like a veranda. Haha.

Just in case you are thinking this this, no, people could not see us from outside or have access into our room from the bathroom as there was a boundary wall. Haha.

Now this was the toilet. So basically, the sawdust you can see in the corner is what was used as toilet paper. Then within the toilet, there were two holes; one for long call and one for short call. Your aim just needed to be really good. Lol. Clever but weird (coz i wasn’t used to it) way of preserving the environment.

I really liked the open door type of wardrobe.

If you are all about ecological sites, then Distant Relatives is surely the place to go. You will love it. And even if you aren’t, its still a good accommodation site because it really gives you a different perspective on how you can use environment friendly things.

Part three is coming up so stay tuned to see what we got up to while there.



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DISTANT RELATIVES – BackPackers and Eco Lodge | Lodge Reviews

Ola Muchachos,

Unfortunately, this post was meant to have been up in April but I had been having issues posting it so I couldnt put it up then. Good news, everything is fine now so here you go. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am actually very exicted for this post, (or rather posts because it doesnt end here); i have alot to show y’all so stick back and relax as i take you through my fantastic weekend.

So from March 10th to 13th, I was invited to stay at the Distant Relatives: Backpackers and Eco-lodge located in Kilifi. It’s funny how when I got the invite, I remebered having gone there randomly with my bestfriend when i had gone to visit a friend back in November last year. Eventhough we were only there for the afternoon, I knew I definitely wanted to go back. And as you can see, that wish was granted…

Three days wasnt enough time to fully experience the place but Adam Kiboi (the man behind the invite) ensured that we (we being my lovely photographer and friend, Wendy and I) managed to be kept busy. I will do follow up posts to show yall some of the things we did and places we visited during the trip. So stay tuned. Hehe.

Now, Distant Relatives is located about 10mins from the main road in Kilifi along the Kilifi creek. I can surely say it is one of Kilifi’s hidden treasures as if you have never heard about it or been there, you are likely not to spot it or know about it. Yes there is a sign post at the main road indicating its entrance, however it is certainly not a representation of the beauty that awaits you once you get there. This is also consideration that you do have to pass through a small village on the way to the lodge.

A lot, if not all of the furniture is made out of wood; basically because the lodge is very environmentally friendly which I will explain and show more of in my next post.ย We arrived here on Saturday morning after a long night bus ride and as mentioned earlier, because I had been there before, I knew exactly where we were going; Wendy on the other hand sat out with her eyes open waiting to see where I had gotten her to bring me. But you can imagine her surprise because i am sure the venue surpassed her thoughts.

Why? Well, the first thing you think of when you hear backpackers is a campsite or a cheap budget accommodation site, but Distant Relatives is nowhere like that. Its clean, spacious, well-organized and just a nice spot to take lovely pictures; but still at a good price and with cosy yet outdoor, adventurous feel.

On arriving, we were greeted with welcome drinks and btw not just the typical welcome juices but Dawa cocktails (not sure if their intention was to get us tipsy though haha) and then of course after a quick briefing on everything including our activities for the weekend; we were taken to our room (you will see this in the next post) but just to give a lil spoiler, the rooms were gorgeous.

These outdoor beds are hella comfortable.

Apart from being one of the best backpackers I’ve ever seen in Kenya, Distant Relatives is also the ultimate location for the biggest rave/parties. Yes, I’m sure the place now rings a bell. You have probably heard of the big Kilifi New Year Party, well Distant Relatives are the organizers behind it and if you haven’t already attended, then this coming december, this is the place to be. Its HELLA LIT.

This is usually the stage for events particulalry the Kilifi New Year.
And this is the dance floor. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Located a few minutes from the beach, Distant Relatives is surely a great place for those looking for a coast-like home away from home with vast activities from a swimming pool to a volleyball pitch and facilities like a pool table and darts table. Additionally, the place has a very free and hippie vibe so you don’t have to feel like you are restricted here; basically I mean there aren’t much of RULES (something we all don’t like). Just as an example, we swam at night as part of celebrating Wendy’s birthday and no-one came to tell us to get out. Freedom or what?If these posts haven’t enticed you already to visit Distant relatives then you are in for a real treat; because theres more to come…

But for now,

Peace, Love and Njoonami. ๐Ÿ™‚

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