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Ola Muchacho’s,

So Chris Brown was in town. Yes Chris Brown was in Kenya. I had to emphasize on that because I still cant believe Chris Brown actually came to Kenya. I think Im not the only one with these sentiments as most people didnt actually think it would happen; it just seemed too good to be true. But it did, as in, one of the biggest musicians in the world right now, set foot on Kenyan soil to perform. If this isnt huge for the Kenyan entertainment industry, I dont know what is…

The minute the speculations of his coming were confirmed, I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity (exaggeration needed hehe), that I was certainly not going to miss out on. Just as the saying goes ‘You Only Live Once’, well I didnt care where I would get the money, means and time to take myself to Mombasa. All I just knew was that I needed to find myself there.

Yes I took this pic. 🙂 Cool??

The Event Itself

It all started with our ride to the event. Just imagine, we took a tuk tuk from Kilifi all the way to Mombasa Golf Course. Talk about adventure. I believe we took 1 hour, 30 mins, for what should take 45mins. But that tuk tuk ride was rather refreshing considering there was so much ventilation. Haha.

So thanks to that slow Tuk Tuk speed, we got to the event at around 6pm. Luckily for us, the event starting at 2pm as stated in the posters was a lie so we had time to take pictures and snaps before going in to secure a good spot. The event started though by like 7/8pm and ended by 1am, which meant guys had to look for plans right after the concert, as it was just too early to ‘go home’. Shocking as I believe we all thought, we would be there until like 4/5am. I was just too tired to go anywhere after though; my bed was just calling my name.

Now lets talk about the set up. This event was no joke; I could feel the abundance of cash used just when I arrived. The set up was crazy: I swear from the lighting, to the sound, to the stage (I have never seen such huge speakers); alot was really invested in ensuring the overall logistics was top notch.  Wale Wasee Ltd was clearly not playing when they decided to plan this event.

However, I was rather disturbed about how far the stage was. Like did Chris Brown think we would spit on him if we were just too close? I remember attending the Jameson Live concert last year and I could literally touch BOB as he performed. We even had eye contact (had to add that in). Haha. Point is, why couldnt it be the same with Chris Brown? Is he such a diva that he needed the stage to be like ’20 feet’ away from the audience? Smh.

Nevertheless, if i was told to describe the concert in one word, id say LIT! 🙂 🙂 From the emcees (particularly Sexy Jamal Gaddafi), the decor and ambiance, the DJ, and ofcourse the performances. And oh yeah and my concert crew definately (my bestfriend and her sister)

This is what we pulled up in to the event. A pitch black tuk tuk. Sexy or what?



Chilling in our ride with our driver. Lol.




My OOTN!! I have worn that blazer for like three concerts. It is literally the ultimate concert blazer. Reason why? Well it has inside pockets. So no need for a bag and less chances of being stolen from. And ofcourse it looks good. 🙂





Talk about perfect positioning… 

So we literally had the ‘best seats in the house’. Who knew that our Ksh 6000 regular ticket (we got them advance) would get us the best view of Chris Brown and the other perfomers? Ofcourse being strategic, got us at the front row…when i say front row, I mean we were right behind the barrier that separated the crowd from the stage *see the selfies below for evidence haha*. You should know how we got that position by standing there from even before the concert started; I believe it was from 6/7pm.


Its funny how everyone who was in the regular section had a direct, straight view of the stage; while guys in VIP and VVIP had to watch the concert mainly from the screens or from the corners of the stage. How unfair right? Especially when they had paid (rather invested lol) Ksh 20,000 and Ksh 50,000 on VIP and VVIP tickets.  When I say this, I really mean it: I did feel pity for them since their investment didnt get them the best view. Hehe. Im sure guys will be getting regular tickets next time.

If you legit ever need the best view at a concert, holla at my bestfriend (Beata) and I; we will sort you out. I swear there is no concert we have gone for together and have not been at the front row. From Wizkids concert in 2014 to BOBs concert last year. 🙂 🙂 Strategies yo.


The Perfomers: 

The line up of artists who performed was rather legit. Ofcourse, apart from the two main acts: Wizkid and Chris Brown, there was Alikiba, Vanessa Mdee, Navio, Nazizi, Jay A and some random artist who had an American accent. Lol.


Chris Brown (who to say the truth was the only reason I went as I had already seen Wizkid perform two years ago), had such a lit performance. The nigga performed his best hits old and new for 90mins mayne. So worth my time and money. However his lip-syncing was abit disappointing as I wanted to hear his vocals like the whole time; but at least he did bust some moves so that kinda covered up for his ‘singing mishaps’. Besides I think I was too busy staring at him in disbelief for the lip-syncing to bother me. Infact Im still in awe that I got to see one of my favourite musicians perform. So definaltely I think Id be biased if i said his performance was KILLER! Although I do know for a fact that he didnt put in as much effort as he did in his past concerts in the Western countries.


Wizkids performance was on point…for someone who stuck to singing all his songs throughout his performance wihtout a hint of lip syncing; I gotta give him double thumbs up. This was my second time to watch Wizkid do his thing live and i can surely say he doesnt disappoint. The same way he delivered two years ago, is more or less the same strength of a performance he gave this time.


So guess who got to open for Chris Brown?? Here we were all thinking it would be Wizkid, well werent we wrong as the sexy Tanzanian, Alikiba did instead. Not only did he open for Chris Brown, but he performed again at the end of the concert just after Joho (Mombasa County Governor) came on stage to give a word to the audience. So basically, Alikiba was like the closing act of the night. Sawa Mombasa’s favourite. 🙂 Im not sure if i was more jazzed by his performance or by his sex appeal. Lol. But anyway on the realz, his performance was good.


Apparently, the next act coming to Kenya is Nicki Minaj so see yall there.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Breezy In Kenya”

  1. I saw you ladies when I walked in, should’ve taken photos of you.
    I agree with most of what you said about the concert. I was working so I had access to the VIP area but honestly I spent most of my time in the gallery getting shots of the ‘kawaida mwananchi’ having a blast.

    1. You saw us? Yes you should have taken pictures of us. Hehe. Theres always next time though.

      Gallery was definately the place to be at the event. Its a good thing you moved to the gallery section for the best view of the stage and the performers. 🙂 🙂

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