Ola Muchachos,

Talk about breaking my Europe travel virginity in style. As per my previous post, all you know is that I was just in ITALY but let me entice you a little bit more by letting you know that I was also in three other countries:

Switzerland, France, and Luxembourg. 

This first experience traveling to Europe was no joke. God does not play when he blesses his children. 🙂

FRANCE (via the Ferry)

So it all started off with a ride on the biggest ferry I have ever seen in my life. This was simply to get from the United Kingdom to France via the port of Dover (UK) and the port of Calais (France).

I couldn’t even compare the ferry to the only other ferry i have been on several times – the Mombasa-Diani ferry.  Let me help you visualize this. The British-French ferry is a like a castle and the Kenyan one is like the a hut (yes those huts that people in the village live in; okay thats a crazy comparison; but its just for you to GET the point).

The ferry is a 90minute ride from Dover to Calais; but honestly with the vast amount of things to do on the ferry, you feel like you are only on there for 15mins. From a bar, to a food court to an arcade, a duty free shop and a chill zone area; the ferry felt like a whole mall.

This is the food court.

Whilst on the ferry, I got to see the most beautiful view ever, the sunrise. Imagine seeing the sunset from the middle of nowhere in the middle of the ocean. ONE WORD- BREATHTAKING. Even a picture can’t really show you what i mean but here is an idea…



The next stop was Luxembourg. I don’t want to sound blonde, but do you know I was legit convinced that Luxembourg was in France. Hahaha. I stand ridiculously embarrassed.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see much in Luxembourg; so excuse the picture you see up there. But at least I can say that I was there and I stopped for dinner. Haha.


Now I’ve heard a lot about Switzerland and how beautiful it is especially with the Alphs, but seeing it for myself was breathtaking. I wish I had time to take better and up close pictures but anyway lets just those amazing views are reserved for my memories.


For my Italy experience, check out my previous post. I would rewrite it here because thats just how much fun I had and I don’t mind sharing the experience over and over again but let me save all that juice for that post.

I now need to do a proper tour of european countries and actually spend the night in each of the places. Maybe that will be my birthday plan. We shall see. 🙂

Keep checking for more amazing posts.


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