Zante Bound – The Big 25

Ola Muchachos,

Zante for us was not just a trip. It was an experience. An experience filled with activities. We honestly had no free day just to chill by the pool or walk around the town; well apart from the day we actually got there. After having a relaxed stay in Netherlands, I wanted my birthday weekend to be exciting and packed with activities.


For my big day, I traveled to St Nicholas, Vasilikos, which was like an hours drive from our holiday home. I wanted something that wouldn’t take the whole day but would be as exciting and thrilling to help me usher in the new age.

Banana boat ride and sting ray were the agenda of the day.

Banana Boat
Sting Ray

If I was to choose my best between the two, I would definitely say the sting ray. The thrill from doing this was on another level. I can remember one of my friends struggling to hold on as the guy driving the jet ski was cruising in that ocean. If i wasn’t too jazzed about how much fun I was having and how my other friend (Mawira and I) kept insisting for the speed to be increased, I think I would been screaming for my life. Haha. But honestly so much fun. I would definitely do that over and over again.

St Nicholas had some amazing spots for pictures and seeing as it was my birthday, I had to get a few sexy birthday pics. Hehe.


Funny story, the only waterpark I’ve ever been to is the one that used to be a Village Market. Speaking of, why did they even remove it? 🙁 Anyway don’t laugh, I’ve just never had much the time to try out waterparks in the countries I’ve visited. So you can imagine the excitement i had when we finally booked a trip to the Zante water village. The child in me could not contain herself. I went on all the slides. Scary or easy, there was no missing out. Especially considering all the slides were inclusive of the amount we paid; which btw was such a bargain. If i remember it was about 20euros for a full day. What a price?

What a VIEW!
Sky view of the water village.

The white slide behind us was the scariest slide ever. But we did it!!


An 8-hour cruise around the beautiful and serene environs of Zakynthos was the agenda for our fourth day and what was the third day of my birthday weekend.

The one thing I loved about the cruise was we could bring our own food and drinks. So be sure the Kenyan in us took advantage and packed a sufficient amount of wine and snacks.

Our Cruise.

One of our cruise stops was at an area called Shipwreck. Below is the reason why it was called that. The place had the clearest blue whats I’ve ever seen in my life. We managed to stop here for about an hour for a swim and sightseeing.

This is the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Noah! too beautiful.

The whole cruise consisted of stopping a different spots to hear about its history or have  a swim.

Such a worthwhile cruise. The views were insane. One word: WOW!

You would think we spent a good amount on the cruise, well nah. even for those 8 hours, it was only about 22 euros.

Forgot to mention that on the actual day of my birthday we went for a foam night party. So much fun. Such an interesting way to end my day. 🙂 I have to say this was a birthday and a half. Very fortunate to spent it this way.

Zante is clearly the place to be for those who want a pocket friendly but amazing holiday. The food, the activities, the night outs…everything were hella reasonable. Especially if I’m comparing to Netherlands where our cash was just being drained.

Im really considering going back but anyway, lets first explore France, Spain and Portugal. Any other destinations?

So until then,


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