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What’s going to Netherlands without visiting Amsterdam?  Lets just say: NOT POSSIBLE.


The second day of our Netherlands trip entailed touring Amsterdam.     We literally spent the whole day doing the most exploring the city. I even got one of my Kenyan friends who lives in Netherlands to join us on our escapades and most importantly show us “the good stuff”.  No, guys not what you thinking, I just mean show us around.

Anyway Amsterdam is so beautiful though. The canals are purely the city’s best attraction. And i just love how the most common and useful means of transportation are bikes. It literally just feels like a large park. The only vibes I got from Amsterdam were chilled and relaxed.

The Dam Square


There was no way we would go to Amsterdam and not try the famous canal cruise. This was at the top of my Amsterdam to-do-list. I literally kept telling my friends “we have to do this, otherwise I can’t say I have been to Amsterdam” haha. My convincing skills worked of course.


My eurotrip crew – Mawira and Kami.

For just 11euros (if i remember right), for a 1 hour cruise, it was definitely worth it. You could see things you wouldn’t be able to on a bike or walking around (as that would take time). And to make things better, there was a tour guide (rather the driver) explaining the sights at each section around the city; from museums to historical buildings to even the 7-tunnel canal (coolest thing mayne).


I hadn’t heard of this before coming to Amsterdam and having one of my friends search for extra activities that we could get up too. I’m really glad that we decided to go ahead with it.

The Adam Lookout is essentially the rooftop of a building (below) which can only way to be accessed by using a pedestrian and bike only ferry. The main attraction apart from having the best view of Amsterdam city is the presence of a huge swing where people have the opportunity to swing (rather face their death LOL) above the river.

The Adam Lookout is part of the middle building.


“On top of the worldddddddddd” was the phrase whilst we spent two hours on the rooftop of the building. We had views all the way round of the city of Amsterdam. Don’t think it was my day considering my phone died and my power bank just wasn’t working. Tisk. But i managed to get a few shots in. 🙂


Scariest thing I’ve ever done; but most commending considering my great fear of heights. I could swear my eyes were closed the whole time (well (99% of the time), the 1% caught the beautiful views from that high up. So nice.


If its for making memories, Adam Lookout clearly know how to do so. We got soft copies (theres hard copies too for a fee though) of our Adam Lookout experience with three different backgrounds. i just decided to post my best two. What a smart photo idea though? Trust us to be extra though. Haha.


If you don’t already know, the red light district is prostitute central or in better/worse words (however you wanna look at it), the sin location of Amsterdam.

Im sure some of you are wondering well what so touristy about that. Well its the fact that they have women inside glassed buildings showcasing themselves to by passing men. So basically if interested you just select your type and head on in.  On top of that, its main feature is that it is a location only dedicated to all things sexual from strip clubs to sex museums (this was the weirdest of them all: never heard of a sex museum before coming there).

It may not be your cup of tea but its definitely what makes up Amsterdam.

We all know Amsterdam is weed central; so it wasn’t surprising to see people smoke weed or smell weed in the streets but what was unique was the presence of weed stores and weed spots.

Infact I found that any coffee shops are actually weed spots where people go to chill and smoke weed. So point of advice, never go asking for coffee shops if you really want actual coffee. Hahaha.

Weed store.
Weed spot/chill-out zone.
Weed snacks. I saw this in the middle of the street and I just had to take a picture with it and pretend I had a blunt. Surely things you would only find in Amsterdam.

It may seem like that  was it for my birthday trip…well you are very much mistaken.

My friends and I traveled to Greece right after.

Read more about it in my next post. But for now;




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