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Ola Muchachos,

Unfortunately, this post was meant to have been up in April but I had been having issues posting it so I couldnt put it up then. Good news, everything is fine now so here you go. 🙂 I am actually very exicted for this post, (or rather posts because it doesnt end here); i have alot to show y’all so stick back and relax as i take you through my fantastic weekend.

So from March 10th to 13th, I was invited to stay at the Distant Relatives: Backpackers and Eco-lodge located in Kilifi. It’s funny how when I got the invite, I remebered having gone there randomly with my bestfriend when i had gone to visit a friend back in November last year. Eventhough we were only there for the afternoon, I knew I definitely wanted to go back. And as you can see, that wish was granted…

Three days wasnt enough time to fully experience the place but Adam Kiboi (the man behind the invite) ensured that we (we being my lovely photographer and friend, Wendy and I) managed to be kept busy. I will do follow up posts to show yall some of the things we did and places we visited during the trip. So stay tuned. Hehe.

Now, Distant Relatives is located about 10mins from the main road in Kilifi along the Kilifi creek. I can surely say it is one of Kilifi’s hidden treasures as if you have never heard about it or been there, you are likely not to spot it or know about it. Yes there is a sign post at the main road indicating its entrance, however it is certainly not a representation of the beauty that awaits you once you get there. This is also consideration that you do have to pass through a small village on the way to the lodge.

A lot, if not all of the furniture is made out of wood; basically because the lodge is very environmentally friendly which I will explain and show more of in my next post. We arrived here on Saturday morning after a long night bus ride and as mentioned earlier, because I had been there before, I knew exactly where we were going; Wendy on the other hand sat out with her eyes open waiting to see where I had gotten her to bring me. But you can imagine her surprise because i am sure the venue surpassed her thoughts.

Why? Well, the first thing you think of when you hear backpackers is a campsite or a cheap budget accommodation site, but Distant Relatives is nowhere like that. Its clean, spacious, well-organized and just a nice spot to take lovely pictures; but still at a good price and with cosy yet outdoor, adventurous feel.

On arriving, we were greeted with welcome drinks and btw not just the typical welcome juices but Dawa cocktails (not sure if their intention was to get us tipsy though haha) and then of course after a quick briefing on everything including our activities for the weekend; we were taken to our room (you will see this in the next post) but just to give a lil spoiler, the rooms were gorgeous.

These outdoor beds are hella comfortable.

Apart from being one of the best backpackers I’ve ever seen in Kenya, Distant Relatives is also the ultimate location for the biggest rave/parties. Yes, I’m sure the place now rings a bell. You have probably heard of the big Kilifi New Year Party, well Distant Relatives are the organizers behind it and if you haven’t already attended, then this coming december, this is the place to be. Its HELLA LIT.

This is usually the stage for events particulalry the Kilifi New Year.
And this is the dance floor. 😉

Located a few minutes from the beach, Distant Relatives is surely a great place for those looking for a coast-like home away from home with vast activities from a swimming pool to a volleyball pitch and facilities like a pool table and darts table. Additionally, the place has a very free and hippie vibe so you don’t have to feel like you are restricted here; basically I mean there aren’t much of RULES (something we all don’t like). Just as an example, we swam at night as part of celebrating Wendy’s birthday and no-one came to tell us to get out. Freedom or what?If these posts haven’t enticed you already to visit Distant relatives then you are in for a real treat; because theres more to come…

But for now,

Peace, Love and Njoonami. 🙂

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