Ola Muchachos,

Im back and ready to show y’all our beautiful room.

Talk about an ecological room. I was really impressed by the use of wood in a creative yet visually appealing manner. Who said wood can’t look good? Well if you ever thought that, then this post should change your mind.

In fact come to think of it, the whole hotel is rather ecological. Why? Well the purpose of Distant Relatives is to use recycled items and items that cause no harm to the environment; hence the name of the place “ecolodge”.

So unlike what we are generally used to (this was the best part of our room actually) the bathroom was outside.

By the way, when I say outside, I don’t mean that we had to walk out of our room to a different section of the hotel or to a shared bathroom; it was literally within our room boundaries but just outside because of the lack of roof.

Love how spacious the bathroom was. This literally felt like a veranda. Haha.

Just in case you are thinking this this, no, people could not see us from outside or have access into our room from the bathroom as there was a boundary wall. Haha.

Now this was the toilet. So basically, the sawdust you can see in the corner is what was used as toilet paper. Then within the toilet, there were two holes; one for long call and one for short call. Your aim just needed to be really good. Lol. Clever but weird (coz i wasn’t used to it) way of preserving the environment.

I really liked the open door type of wardrobe.

If you are all about ecological sites, then Distant Relatives is surely the place to go. You will love it. And even if you aren’t, its still a good accommodation site because it really gives you a different perspective on how you can use environment friendly things.

Part three is coming up so stay tuned to see what we got up to while there.



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