DISTANT RELATIVES – What we got up to! (Continued…)

What a beautiful day it was to be on the ocean? #memories

Ola Muchachos,

On sunday, the Distant Relatives team organized a very relaxing and fun ocean tour on Captain Issa’s dhow as well as a water sports activity 3 degrees south into the Kilifi ocean.


Ride aboard Captain Issa’s boat was the motto of the day. 🙂

With Captain Issa (middle)



The same squad we went to the Bofa Beach with, is the same squad we went on the boat ride and snorkeling with


So  the water sport activity we did was snorkeling. Now I have snorkelled a couple of times in Kilifi before so it wasn’t something new for me; however that was mainly closer to the shore. This time, we went really deep into the ocean so I was a tad bit nervous at first especially when I could see us approaching the area in the ocean where the sharks reside (LOL).

When I went to Diani for my 21st birthday, I do remember going far into sea but it didn’t seem that far in compared to this time. However, once I got into the water, it actually wasn’t as scary and there was so much to sea underwater; from jellyfish, to snakes, to starfish, normal fish etc; so that was interesting.


And thats it. Those four posts basically summarize my stay. There was no way I could put everything into one post because as you could see, there was just so much to show content for.

It was so sad that the three day stay at Distant Relatives had to come to an end. Infact writing these posts have given me an urge to go back. 🙁 But if i could sum it in one word; I would say AMAZING. From the food (did I say that meals on a full board basis was included in the package), our room, the activities, the welcoming and friendly staff to the venue as a whole; it was definitely a weekend to remember and most definitely worth the 12 hours bus ride to and fro Nairobi. Hahaha.

Not only should Kilifi be in your to-go list because its a rarely visited destination but while there make sure you stay at Distant Relatives or at least visit.

Thank you Distant Relatives for the invite and the opportunity to write about your lodge. Looking forward to going back to write another review.

But for now,



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