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I am the ultimate slacker? Don’t worry I know. I honestly don’t even have a viable reason as to why my posting habits are this bad. Truthfully, when I get really busy with work, I tend to push some things away and the blog ends up being one of them. All I can say is “pray for me”. Hehe. In the meantime, lets get a taste of something I’m sure you guys missed. My posts.

So in November (just after graduating), I went to Portsmouth. I had kept saying I would visit the city but my schedule just wasn’t allowing it. Despite the fact that I had two friends who lived there who kept inviting me. ­čÖü

Im really happy I finally found the time considering its one of those must see cities in the UK.


Portsmouth is mainly known for the Spinnaker Tower which gives you the best view of Portsmouth. Its literally termed as Britains best viewing tower. Its about 170m (560ft) high. The  best thing about it is its only 10.50 for students or 11.50 for adults for a full days worth of visit. Basically you can walk in or out of the building as many time as you would like. So what we did was ensure we take advantage of the day and night views.

The Spinnmaker has a glass floor that basically tests your fear for heights. Luckily for me, my genuine fear of heights didn’t stop me from walking on the glass floor

Day Vs Night Views





I have a lot of content that I haven’t posted from cute tourist spots I visited in the UK; so bear with my irregular posting habits and stay tuned. Hehe.

For now,


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