Missions to Poole…for Guy Fawkes Night

Ola Muchachos,

Ever heard of the term ‘Bonfire Night’…well I’m sure you have. But ever heard of it in context with Guy Fawkes.? Well not everyone because before moving to England, I also didn’t know who or what that was.

So let me educate you a little, Guy Fawkes was basically a dumbass who formed part of a team who TRIED to blow up the House of Parliament back in the 1600s using explosives; therefore Guy Fawkes Night is simply a commemoration of that night; but with fireworks.

Its a night celebrated all over England and its something I wanted to be part of. So what did I do? Well a couple of my friends and I traveled from Bournemouth (where I live) to Poole to watch the fireworks celebration happening at the Quay. It was only like a 30 mins trip by bus (not to far away) but it was such a pretty sight because we literally got front row view of the beautiful fireworks show from the quayside.

How cool are these shaped fireworks below #creativity

For all full video showing the fireworks beauty, here you go. This was basically the culmination and the finale of the bonfire night 🙂


My next bonfire night should be experienced in another part of England. Let me start thinking where. Haha.

But for now,


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2 thoughts on “Missions to Poole…for Guy Fawkes Night”

    1. Glad you liked it. 🙂 You are literally a few hours away from me. I am now in Bournemouth, England. More posts on my new experiences in the U.K. coming soon.

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