Twice the Halloween!

Ola Muchachos,

So my halloween, and by halloween, I mean the actual day of halloween, 31st of October; was an experience and a half.

I don’t think, infact I have never actually done anything big on the actual halloween day in my life. Come to think of it, the most I’ve ever done for Halloween back in Kenya was try dress up for the occasion. e.g. in 2015, i was a sexy devil for my office halloween party and a naughty school girl with my best friend for a halloween event at Vineyard. I guess this was because, halloween isn’t taken too seriously in African states.

Well, seeing that I’m now in the U.K., I’m sure you know how western countries consider Halloween important so people hella dress up, go all out with make up and attend any halloween events. And thats exactly what I did.

Read about my long but crazy and hella fun Halloween night highlighting the two events (yes two) I attended in the SAME venue at the O2 Academy.

Just bit of background information..02 Academy is the biggest music and live performance venues in Bournemouth. Not only that but there are O2 Academy’s all over the U.K (all  relatively huge) and most popular venue for music gigs.

Clean Bandit Live Concert

Starting of the night, I attended a Clean Bandit concert from 7pm. For those still wondering who Clean Bandit are, well thats a slight shame (haha) but anyway they are a three-‘man’ group who are well known for their biggest hits “Rather Be” and “Symphony” (hope it rings a bell now).

I actually enjoy a lot of their music so I definitely knew this was a concert I would need to attend. Additionally, also because I knew seeing them perform again in Bournemouth would take a while and the fact that i knew them coming to Kenya is like a once in a million chance (haha), I really had to take the opportunity; and of course also considering the ticket was (infact all tickets were) only 25 pounds. Thats hella cheap for a concert.

If i could describe the concert in about one sentence, id say; that was a legit performance. There may have not been any dance moves, or extraordinary acts in the performance, but the voices (the two girls who sang all Clean Bandits songs considering the artists they have collaborated with couldn’t perform with them of course) to the use of electronic music (what Clean Bandit is known for) to the showcase of violin instrumentals, that was surely very different concert to what I’m used to going for. 🙂

I think the only thing i didn’t like about the concert was the fact that i wasn’t allowed to go in with my camera (which i found rather odd) hence the use of some pictures from the concert from one of the official event photographers.

One of the friends I went for the concert with – Angelina
The other two girls – Taylor and Simona that I was with at the concert.

So funny thing, I actually almost went in my halloween outfit for the concert but Thank God i didn’t coz I would have been the only one. Who wants to be the odd one out? So instead I decided to just do bit of my halloween make up but go with a normal outfit.

If you look carefully, you will notice i had started off doing my halloween makeup. Haha.

Halloween Party


So my initial idea was to get an outfit that matches my hair considering i have pink braids (well ombre but pink is the main color); however i ended up with a cute witch outfit; which by the end of the night I realized i looked more like pocahontas with pink hair than a cute pink witch. But who cares? Hehe.

With my girl – Amelie. 🙂


Below are some of the looks my friends and ‘flatmates’ pulled off. 🙂

This was definitely my best look of the night. His improvisation of Osama Bin Laden was done so well. BTW he even had a gun. #dope


Talk about being packed, the O2 Academy was full of people. Im sure you can already guess how lit it was even without me saying it.

Look how packed it was. :0

The halloween party at the O2 Academy was one of the fittest halloween parties I’ve ever been too. From the music to the venue to the outfits that people wore, it was definately worth staying out for.

I must say i was exhausted by the end of the night and mind you, i had to wake up in the morning to take a bus to Southampton (another city) for work; so you can imahgine how fatigued and lazy i was (having slept three hours). So when I say it was worth all that, it surely was.

For more of my crazy adventures, stay tuned to my blog. 🙂


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