Missions to Poole…for Guy Fawkes Night

Ola Muchachos,

Ever heard of the term ‘Bonfire Night’…well I’m sure you have. But ever heard of it in context with Guy Fawkes.? Well not everyone because before moving to England, I also didn’t know who or what that was.

So let me educate you a little, Guy Fawkes was basically a dumbass who formed part of a team who TRIED to blow up the House of Parliament back in the 1600s using explosives; therefore Guy Fawkes Night is simply a commemoration of that night; but with fireworks.

Its a night celebrated all over England and its something I wanted to be part of. So what did I do? Well a couple of my friends and I traveled from Bournemouth (where I live) to Poole to watch the fireworks celebration happening at the Quay. It was only like a 30 mins trip by bus (not to far away) but it was such a pretty sight because we literally got front row view of the beautiful fireworks show from the quayside.

How cool are these shaped fireworks below #creativity

For all full video showing the fireworks beauty, here you go. This was basically the culmination and the finale of the bonfire night 🙂


My next bonfire night should be experienced in another part of England. Let me start thinking where. Haha.

But for now,


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DUBAI: 3rd Time’s A Charm

Ola Muchachos,

Just like I mentionned in the about section, when I said my mum is like a travel ambassdor. Well when it comes to Dubai especially, i swear she is definately is. My mum not only has been to Dubai more than six times, but she constantly ‘preaches’ to everyone that if theres one travel destinaton they need to go to, its Dubai.

If it wasnt for my mum, I dont think I’d have ever been to Dubai. This was actually my third time there. My first time was in 2006 when no-one even cared about Dubai with my whole family, then in 2014 with just my sister and my mum; and this time. This was basically a mother-daughter bonding trip. I know, cute. 🙂


We left Kenya on the 12th of October to arrive in Dubai at around 4am, via Emirates. This airline just never disappoints though. From the flight promptness, to the service, to the food (they even had a menu, what!) to the fact that it is the only direct flight to Dubai; Emirates is clearly the better option for any U.A.E travel.

Ofcourse seeing that we arrived there in the morning, it meant we had a full day to utilise. We literally took a four hour nap to kill off the flight fatigue and besides we had gotten to the hotel abit to early (by 6am), but by 12pm, we were ready to engage in the days activities.




When I say 3rd times a charm, its mainly because I got to experience a ‘dream come true’.  So my mum and I went to the Dubai Dolphinarium. Bascially this is like a big aquarium but for dolphins as the name suggests. Its simply a live show of dolphins performing different tricks.

If anyone knows me well, they would know that my favourtie animal is a dolphin. This was literally like a dream came true. I have always wanted to see dolphins in real life but just had never gotten the opportunity too.

Its funny how the two times before I had been to Dubai, I hadnt heard of the Dolphinarium. When i was there in 2014, what was heavily adversitied was the Dessert Safari and Dhow Cruise which we did. I guess its because theres always something new to do in Dubai. Or actually theres just so much to do there that you hear of different activities on every visit.




So the dolphinarium is located at the Dubai Creek Park and there is an AED5 (thats about Ksh135) entrance charge to enter the creek park. The creek park is rather big, with a bunch of activities but its main attraction is the dolphinarium ofcourse and also the bird live show.

How random is it that we met a fellow kenyan who happens to work at the creek? Her name is Emily and she is in charge of tours around the whole creek park in her ‘automobile (what im sitting on).



Before the actual dolphin show, there is a magician that performs. This guy has crazy skills though. I cant really explain what he was doing; all I know was that it looked really creative. And right after, is a performance by a seal, yes a cute black seal; in which the seal shows off its dancing and playing with a ball skills. The seals are actually the opening acts for the dolphins. Very talented seal I must say. Lol. And then theres the dolphins – the highlight of the show (as shown below).



This was literally like the culmination of the amazing night; touching, playing a little abit and ofcourse taking a picture with the dolphins. Unfortunately, it wasnt free to do this. We had to pay AED 80 (thats Ksh 2160) but I dont think I even cared about that because all I wanted was to get up close and personal with the dolphins and ofcourse have the hard copy evidence to remember the day.





After all that amazement and screaming, ofcourse my stomach was calling for food. At the entrance of the creek park, my mum and I had spotted a ‘wooden kiosk-looking restaurant’ by the name Chimney Liscious (below) whose aroma could be smelt from a distance. Their chicken nuggets and fries were just too good.


The recount of my best moments of my trip arent done, so look out for the next posts to see more about my time in Dubai. But in the mean time, you can like, share and subscribe to this post.


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